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The Winnipeg Jets Alumni has been part of Manitoba's hockey fabric for over 2 decades

Formed in 1988, the Winnipeg Jets Alumni has been part of Manitoba's hockey fabric for more than two decades. During that span, alumni members from the Jets' WHA and NHL teams - many of them native Manitobans (as well as members who've played professional hockey for other NHL, WHA or AHL organizations in North America and teams in Europe) - have acted as passionate ambassadors for the game of hockey.

As the Winnipeg Jets Alumni enters its third decade of existence, our commitment to growing the game in Manitoba has become even stronger. We will - as we have been doing for the past eight years - continue to give back to the community by handing out two high school hockey scholarships valued at $1,000 each per year. In fact, our goal in that area is to increase our contribution to an even greater annual amount (stay tuned for future news!).

More than that, the Alumni intends to increase our role as ambassadors for hockey in Manitoba, with the goal of playing 10 exhbition hockey games over the winter months. So if you would like to arrange a charity game with our team (hockey or baseball), have some of our members take part in events such as golf tournaments, or would like to enlist one or more of our members as a guest speaker at an event or guest instructor at a hockey school ... by all means, contact us.


Our members have been proud to have been part of Winnipeg's -- and Manitoba's -- hockey history as members of the Winnipeg Jets and as ex-professional players who happen to hail from Manitoba. Each member knows how much hockey means to Manitobans. Consequently, it's our goal to keep the Jets' legacy ... and Manitoba's proud hockey history ... alive and well for many years to come. As former hockey coaching great Bob Johnson used to say...


"Today is a great day for hockey" -  "Badger" Bob Johnson



That is how each of the Winnipeg Jets Alumni members feel. And that's why we want to do what we can to ensure that a province that's so passionate about hockey stays that way today, tomorrow and well into the future.



The Winnipeg Jets Alumni